Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment

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Down Payment / Closing Costs Assistance Program

The Down Payment Assistance program is a 0% interest deferred loan. A maximum of 20% of the purchase price can be used for the down payment of one housing unit, including associated closing costs. Each applicant is required to provide $500 of their own money to cover a portion of the required closing fees and pre-paid escrow accounts.


All applicants are required to secure a Single Family Mortgage Loan from a lender of their choice to purchase the single-family home. Each applicant must attend a Homebuyer’s Education Workshop prior to loan closing. Homebuyer education classes include an educational packet and instructional materials on topics such as family financial management, record keeping, maintenance and upkeep, landscaping, lawns and pest management, appliances and home furnishings.


The housing unit to be purchased must be located in the incorporated communities located in one of these counties: Perkins, Hayes, Hitchcock, Dundy or Chase. Eligibility for program is determined by family size and household income, and varies by county in which they receive assistance. Income verification of household gross income is required and will be conducted upon receipt of completed application to ensure the applicants household income is at or below 100% Area Median Income.